Dinosaur Ice Eggs

home made dino eggs


Dinosaur Ice Eggs

Unleash your inner archaeologist with PEBBLES™ Cereal dinosaur eggs! Make ‘em and break ‘em!

You need:

  • Miniature (2” and smaller) plastic dinosaurs
  • Balloons (NOT water balloons)
  • Metal or plastic bowl
  • Fork or other excavating tool
home made dino eggs

Here’s what to do:

  1. Stretch the balloon, especially the neck.
  2. Wiggle the dinosaur into the balloon, taking care not to puncture the balloon with the dinosaur’s feet.
  3. Fill the balloon with water and tie.
  4. Freeze the balloon overnight, either outside or in the freezer. Time will vary according to the size of your “egg.”
  5. Using the fork or excavating tool (make sure it’s not too sharp for kids), scratch a hole in the balloon and peel it off the ice egg.
  6. Place egg in a shatterproof bowl and either wait for it to melt or chip away with the fork until you reach your prize.

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